Dear Casa Vega Fans,

Casa Vega will be hibernating this holiday season starting 12/20/21. Once dining (outdoor or indoor) is allowed we will re-open. CV is 100% family-owned: no partners, no investors or backing from equity groups. Just the way we like it and intend to keep it! In order to ensure we come back big and strong, we must now conserve and hunker down. This shutdown will last longer than they say. We are an institution and not going anywhere. Unfortunately, we cannot count on our government to help small businesses, so we must protect ourselves until we can rise again and do what we do best- serving customers at our tables & bar. We can’t wait to celebrate 65 YEARS of business in 2021!!! Even though we can’t help being sad about what 2020 has done to independent restaurants, we still are grateful for so much. We are most grateful for the love & support of our beloved community. Now we look forward to coming back with a bang!

So many of you have asked how to help. There is a way to help CV and every independent restaurant in the US. An estimated 50% of independent restaurants and bars won’t survive this next shut down. Our beloved local haunts, the soul of every neighborhood, are being forced to close with no hope of return after being asked to share an unfair burden this year. Gone with them are millions of jobs of employees we love dearly. Restaurant workers do not deserve this. They are hard-working, working class heroes that have no voice. We are not huge companies. We do not have lobbyists to fight for us. We are chefs, entertainers, curators of celebration, families, creative artists, hustlers and extremely hard workers.

We humbly ask on behalf of Casa Vega (65 years in 2021), and every independent restaurant and bar in the US, please support the RestaurantsAct (part of the HEROESAct)- Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund that would specifically help small restaurants and bars affected by COVID-19 . It passed the House- but is being ignored in the Senate. Please TWEET/Insta/FB/email -whatever- use your platform (wink,wink to our prominent patrons who have big ones) to voice support for our cause.

What if Congress got letters like this from you- asking them to pass the RestaurantsAct- right NOW!!!

Everyday without relief, especially in states w/heavy restrictions, it is sadly the last call for too many restaurants & bars day after day. PPP is a bandaid on a gushing wound. Our governments local and federal have forgotten about us, sacrificed us and made us scapegoats. So we turn to you for help. We promise in return to keep the good times rolling, the margaritas flowing, the tables sanitized and PPE a plenty.

See ya in 2021!
Christy Vega & la familia

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