Wine from Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe is relatively hard to come by in the U.S. — but it might also be L.A.’s next big thing.

Individuals crossing the border from Mexico can only bring one liter of wine with them into California. And tourists who get a taste for Mexican wine before they come back home may be surprised to find that it’s not commonly found at local wine shops. But restaurants are very slowly adding Baja wines to their lists. Tintorera in Silver Lake is one such place, building out a Mexican wine list that’s meant to introduce customers to a whole new grape world.

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64 years ago, my father started Casa Vega. It became a place for our community to gather in the best and worst of times. A place for celebrations, reunions, drinks with friends, first dates, weddings and memorials. A place that our beloved customers have made their own. Never is our wildest dreams and worst nightmares, did we ever think we find ourselves unable to welcome our friends and family into our warm home for food, cocktails and comfort.

Casa Vega will be closed temporarily due to COVID-19. I don’t know if this is a few weeks, a month or longer. We are closely monitoring the situation. Once our government officials tell us it is safe to resume bar and restaurants dine-in operations, we will jump to action and open our doors.

My heart is completely broken writing this. I’ve worked every day at Casa Vega for the last 21 years. It is my passion and my love. The hardest part in all of this is knowing how hard this is on our employees, some who have been with us for over 45 years. The storm can’t last forever. The sun will shine again. Casa Vega will reopen. Margaritas will be flowing. I hope to see you back in Casa Vega once it’s safe to come back together. Stay healthy and safe.

With a broken heart,
Christina Vega

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